Removing a large sycamore tree

Large sycamore before cutting
Blocking down the sycamore
Remaining stump

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2018 Crew

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Customer Lynn Solarczyk from Centerville Utah

Steve’s Trees is hands down the best around. I have used them for a number of years. They have taken down trees, pruned trees, pulled out shrubs. I have a yard filled with gardens and they have never harmed a plant-and clean up so well that sometimes I think the yard looks better than it did before they came!

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Online Customer Reviews

Now that we have an online presence we really appreciate reviews from our customers.  Here’s a recent one:

“They are amazing!! They took down 5 trees and they weren’t easy ones to do. One alone was 4 stories tall and rotting. They cleaned up everything after and the yard looks so nice. Outstanding, professional, and hard working. They were reasonably priced and we will be hiring them again soon. You won’t regret hiring them!” Katie E.

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